One of the Lar Gibbon at our Lake District Wildlife Park  is being treated like royalty this week because he is celebrating his tenth birthday. The Keepers have even made a cake packed with some of his favourite foods.

apple cake for lar gibbon

Nobby was born a decade ago and has spent his whole life at the Lake District Wildlife Park near Keswick. His parents Brian and Sooty have been together for many years and have raised several youngsters, including ten year old Nobby and his sisters Sally and Robin who still live at the park with Mum and Dad.


Nobby has enjoyed being centre of attention for a change. His Dad Brian became a You Tube sensation earlier in the year when someone captioned a video of him ‘looking like he was running across a landing with no clothes on.’ Over 9 million people saw the video, making the Lar Gibbons one of the most popular attractions at the park.


For his tenth birthday, the keepers and volunteers made Nobby a cake which included a range of ingredients like apples, bananas, primate pellets and Marmoset Gum to bond it all together.  It was left on a tree stump in his enclosure so he could share it with his family.


Richard Robinson, Park Manager at the Lake District Wildlife said “We always like to find different ways to stimulate curiosity – and a cake like the one our keepers made is a really good form of enrichment. It doesn’t last long, but they love exploring something new.”


Guests at the park spend a long time watching and filming the gibbons because they are so active.  Nobby, Robin and Sally spend hours hanging about in the trees and swinging across their ropes or even just sunbathing in the autumn sun and grooming each other. Mum and Dad are more relaxed and Brian (the oldest Lar Gibbon in Europe) likes to sit inside and quietly observe his funky gibbon family.


During the Halloween holidays the Keepers have more enrichment ideas planned for all their primates which are also set to make great picture opportunities for families enjoying half term.


As well as the regular keeper talks, the park is also welcoming  North Lakes Red Squirrel Ranger Fran Foster who will be highlighting fun facts and stories about the park’s squirrel population.