Love Your Zoo week is a nationwide event organised to coincide with half-term week where all BIAZA members are able to promote the important work we do with regards to conservation, education and research. This year the annual campaign runs from Saturday, 28 May to Saturday, 4 June.

We’ve been asking guests to share with us “What made you smile today?” and we’ve had some great responses from hugging bunnies to seeing the newlywed red panda
DSCN1751s together.

Reasons to love your BIAZA zoo or aquarium
• Leisure: More than 23 million people visit BIAZA’s member organisations every year – they offer a great day out for everyone.
• Education: More than 1.3 million people come to BIAZA member organisations each year on an organised educational visit – they offer a safe and fun way to learn about animals.
• Research: BIAZA members participate in 700 research projects every year, many of these measuring behaviour with the aim of improving animal welfare – your visit helps us learn about helping wildlife.
• Conservation: BIAZA members participate in more than 500 conservation projects every year.
• Funding: Offering a secure funding stream, BIAZA members contribute about £11millon a year to field conservation projects.
• Economy: BIAZA members contribute over £650 million to the national economy.
• Safeguarding wildlife: By visiting BIAZA zoos and aquariums you are helping to safeguard the future of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species.
• Engaging with wildlife: You can see more than 2,000 different species of animals.