Late baby boom is good news for visitors to Lake District Wildlife Park. The late baby boom at the Lake District Wildlife Park is good news for visitors. In the last couple of weeks there have been ten new babies born on the park – a Lemur, more Meerkats and a set of six Micro Piglets.

Park Manager Richard Robinson is always prepared for the unexpected, but this time, there have been signs of the imminent new arrivals – especially in the Meerkat enclosure where Mum Judy has been looking ready to give birth for several days. Her litter of three kits are around three weeks old and already out and about with their mob.  Richard Robinson said “Judy’s had over 20 kits and we knew more were imminent. The mob is still growing so we need more space at the park – thankfully I’ve plans to build a new visitor experience which is very exciting.”


In the Black and White Ruffed Lemur enclosure, the new baby is being looked after by its extended family. It is the only Black and White Lemur to be born at the park this year.

There are loud new born squeals in another enclosure close by. One of the Micro Pig Mums gave birth in to a littler of six Micro Piglets. They’re all black – just like Mum and Dad; the colour reflects some of the heritage from cross breeding Black Vietnamese Pigs with traditional British Rare Breeds. Micro pigs in Keswick