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Zoo Diary: We Are Open

on 13th April, 2021
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What a fabulous start to the week. The doors of the Lake District Wildlife Park reopened on Monday! There is a definite feeling of positivity in the air, the sun is shining, and both animals and humans are happy and cheerful. It is so good to welcome back familiar faces and new visitors to the Park. There is also some very exciting news…the Park has new arrivals for you to come and meet!

On show for the first time are two very special birds, Kushiro and Hokaido a pair of Red Crowned Cranes, which are critically endangered in the wild. They are one of the largest and most endangered species of crane in the world. Found in the wild in Russia, Mongolia, China and Japan they are at risk from habitat loss. Their breeding grounds are shrinking and becoming too small to sustain viable populations. Kushiro and Hokaido are a young breeding pair and only arrived at the Park a few weeks ago. They have settled in well and we have already seen them displaying, dancing and singing to each other. At approximately 1.5 metres tall they are very impressive to watch. We hope that they will successfully breed in the future to help with the conservation of these magnificent birds. They are definitely worth a visit, and we want you to help us to spread the word about how important these beautiful birds are.

Other recent exciting events include five new Bagot goat kids. They are less than a week old but already up on their feet and bouncing around like spring lambs. Bagot goats are a hardy breed and the females make great mothers. In the wild they will defend their kids from predators with their long horns. The kids enjoy exploring, play and chasing each other around their enclosure.

Last week the Park celebrated the arrival of two new additions to the Alpaca herd. The two new males are a rich chocolate brown colour and they are very friendly. The newbies have been named Dougal and Marley due to their gorgeous shaggy coats and have joined Hector, Hugo and Herbie in the main Alpaca field. They appear to be really enjoying the attention from the visitors, especially the animal feed! It is hoped that Dougal and Marley will join the alpaca walking team, so if you fancy taking them for a walk have a look at our website for more details. Alternatively, if you would like to have an enjoyable, relaxing and fun day out in the fresh air please do come and see us and our new arrivals! We would really like to see you! (Photos to follow)

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