Ring Tailed Lemur


These are the most successful breeding lemur in captivity with over 2000 worldwide. The ringed tail which gives this species its name, has multiple functions. It can be used for communication, balance, insulation, allowing young lemurs to locate and follow adults and finally, for males to fight.

When fighting the males cover their tails in strong smells from their scent glands and waft the tail towards an adversary. The Ring Tailed Lemur is a very social animal and lives in groups of 20 or more. These groups are all led by a dominant female!

One of our favourites are the female twins, Goggles and Giggles, born in 2016. You will see which one Giggles is. She is the cheeky playful one who’s always jumping on people. Goggles is much more reserved.


Fast Facts

Scientific Name:

Lemur catta




Head and body length: 38.5 - 45.5 cm


2 - 3.4 kg


1 - 2

Life Span:

18 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity





Frequently Asked Questions About Me

What Do I Eat?

Fruit, plants, sap, herbs, bark, flowers

Where Do I Live?

South Madagascar

Do I Have Any Predators?

Fossas, Humans, Birds of Prey, Snakes

How Do I Live?

Diurnal, Arboreal, Terrestrial. Mixed sex groups

Why Am I Endangered?

Critically Endangered due to deforestation and hunting for bush meat & the pet trade