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BEAST resurfaces

on 4th October, 2017

This half term 16th – 27th October, following a spate of recent sighting of a mysterious brachiosaurs-like creature in Bassenthwaite Lake, perhaps disturbed by ongoing work on the Cumbria Pipe-line, we are investigating possible explanations.

In the summer of 1973, Rudolf Staveness and Gunnar Jacobson photographed a strange creature in the water, whilst holidaying at Bassenthwaite Lake. Rudolf said: “Resting near to the Lake I saw something that made me both excited and intrigued at the same time. Something strange was swimming in the lake. It ducked below the surface and reappeared some distance away. The speed that the animal moved was amazing. I have never been able to find out what it was I saw, and my story has been met with some ridicule.”

A local canoeist, who refuses to give his name out of shyness, was coming down from the Keswick end of the lake on a recent Friday evening in a kayak shortly before dusk, when about midway down the lake he saw an animal about fifty feet to the right of the boat, rear its head and neck up out of the water ten or twelve feet, but when it saw him it immediately dived.

The kayaker explained  “I ceased paddling and gazed around in astonishment, for the strange apparition which I had just seen, when it raised about the same distance to the left, this time giving a low bellow something like that of a cow. The monster glided along in sight for some distance but it was too dark to see the animal distinctly.”

We’ve been working with GCSE students from Cockermouth School to create an interactive display at the wildlife Park introduces visitors to the history of the ‘Bassenthwaite Eachy’, including copies of Victorian images and photographs & newspaper reports of this Beast of Bassenthwaite Lake from the past 50 years, as well as explorations of possible explanations. Whilst many of the sightings may involve foreign objects coming out of the water, at the end of the day, there are still sightings that are inexplicable and our staff are skilled cryto-zoologists who can investigate the phenomena.

Richard Robinson and the team

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