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Feeling Good!

on 16th March, 2021
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Over the coming weeks, staff at the Lake District Wildlife Park will be working hard to get development projects finished, ready to welcome visitors back from the 12th April. The projects include general ongoing maintenance, rebuilding the primate playgrounds and preparing enclosures for exciting new arrivals. We couldn’t have done some of this work without your help and we want to say a huge thank you to all of you who supported us with our crowd funding campaign. A total of £13,136 was raised and we were overwhelmed by your generosity. Your contributions have helped to enrich the lives of our animals and can’t thank you enough for this. We promise to keep you informed as things develop over the coming weeks, so don’t forget to keep checking our social media feeds for exciting updates!

This essential work is hugely important for the health and mental wellbeing of our animals and for the Park to continue its conservation work. However, staff are also aware of how important keeping healthy is to us humans. People who work with animals are lucky enough to feel the benefits both physically and emotionally of being outside and around animals.

When you spend time connecting with with animals, it is surprising how good this can make you feel.  The last year has been difficult for many different people, spending time in social isolation. So, we wanted to remind you that we will be open again soon and being around our animals at the Lake District Wildlife Park is a great way to spend a day or just a few hours. A visit to the Park is a safe way in the open air to relax, have fun and make that connection with nature and animals.

We have many adorable mammals in our hand feeding area that are gregarious, inquisitive, and simply make you smile. Zig and Zag are our small Pygmy Goats and Kenneth and Stephen are our large Anglo-Nubian Goats. They are all incredibly cheeky and will always come over to “check you out” or if you let them, try to nibble you! Our Alpacas Buzz, Hector, Herbie and Hugo are very cuddly at the moment with their full winter fleeces. With their big brown eyes and huge eyelashes, it is difficult not to be charmed by them.

Our Dwarf Zebu cows are one of the smallest breeds of cow, and also one of the gentlest. Our two calves from previous years, Niko and Arlo are only around knee height on a human, so they are a great pair for the little ones to meet. Our Soay Sheep with their soft muzzles are also great favourites with young and old alike. And very soon they should soon be giving birth to their lambs. A sure sign of spring, positivity and something to make you go “aww” and leave you with a smile!

We can’t wait to see you soon…

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