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New Animal Themed Adventure Playground!

on 28th March, 2019
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Our animal themed playground not only allows children to let off a bit of steam, it also allows them to explore the world of animals in a different way.

Swing like a gibbon, leap like and lemur, soar like an eagle are just some of the things that children can re-enact by letting their imaginations run wild. The playground has a giant spider with a web to climb on and a huge squirrel drey to clamber in and out of. There is a Red Panda house and an Osprey nest both with realistic animal carvings.  Children can adventure along the rope bridge, swing on the circular swing, or play on the slide and a roundabout. There are carvings of a leaf, a hedgehog and bugs all which are good for toddlers to climb on.

The playground is designed to be friendly for all abilities. It is constructed out of wood, which is in keeping with the natural feel that we have around the whole Park.  It has a small number of components which are accessible for all, including the roundabout.

Keepers and staff at the Park eagerly awaited the final sign off, so that they could “Go Wild” and give it a try.

Bassenthwaite School Children held a competition to name the Park and the winner was chosen by the Keepers. The children then came to the Park to “cut the ribbon” and officially open the Park followed by play, juice and biscuits. Children were be joined by Julian the Lemur and a human Red Panda or two!

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