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Zoo Diary: Best Buddies!

on 17th January, 2022
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Frosty the Citron-Crested Cockatoo is a true favourite at the Lake District Wildlife Park. It is rare for someone to walk past his aviary without stopping to talk to him. If they do not, he will grab their attention by calling out or simply saying “hello”. He will put on his best display and show off his beautiful crest of citron feathers. He is also a favourite with the Keepers and interacts with them every time they go in his aviary. This is a sneaky way for them to do a health check without him even noticing!

During the months of lockdown last year, his keepers noticed that he was quieter than usual and appeared to be missing the visitors at the Park. In the wild Citron-Crested Cockatoos are found on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and they tend to reside in pairs or small flocks. A few months after noticing changes in Frosty, the Park Manager received a welcome notification. At Tropical World in Sheffield there was a Cockatoo called Stevo who was also a little lonely due to the sad loss of his partner. It was agreed that he would make the perfect companion for Frosty.

As Stevo made the journey north, the Keepers excitedly got ready for his arrival. A special area was prepared, so that he was next to Frosty but separate from him. He was a little shy and quiet, but as he got used to his new surroundings and companion, he got bolder. Frosty seemed quite excited by this new bird that had moved in next to him and was much brighter.

The big day arrived when they moved into the aviary together. A second nest box was put up so they both had their own individual space. However, this was not necessary as they both moved into it together! It was a smooth and successful introduction and within no time at all they were inseparable. They preen each other and follow each other around, chattering away.

Stevo also brought a new talent with him to the Park. He makes a call just like a Kookaburra. It will be interesting to see how the Parks resident Kookaburras Oats and Raisin respond to this. They may start calling to each other across the Park, we will just have to wait and see! The Keepers adore their new addition to the collection and have discovered that one of Stevo’s favourite foods is walnuts.

So next time you are visiting don’t forget to say hello to our new resident Cockatoo. However, if you happen to forget we are sure that Frosty will remind you to stop and say hello!




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