Dwarf Zebu
The dwarf zebu is a breed of domestic cattle that is descended from the zebu, one of the world’s oldest cattle breeds. Unl...
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Bagot goat
The Bagot goat is the oldest registered goat in the UK. King Richard II gave the herd to John Bagot on his return from the...
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Red Panda
The Red panda is a domestic cat-sized mammal. It has previously been classified with raccoons, bears and mustelids but has...
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Micro pigs
Defra's interpretation of a Micro Pig is a pig that has been bred over generations to be smaller in adulthood than most ot...
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Jerusalem donkey
Domesticated over 5000 years ago, donkeys have been used to move large and heavy items for man.
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Cameroon sheep
Originally from West Africa it has now been exported to parts of Europe. It is a hair sheep which means instead of wool th...
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What's on today

A selection of the following events and activities will be happening today:

Meerkat Talk

Time: 11:00am

Bird of Prey Display

Time: 12:00pm & 3:00pm

Lemur Talk

Time: 1:00pm

Otter and Red Panda Talk

Time: 2:00pm

Reptile & Minibeast Talk

Time: 4:00pm